About The Company

Alsense was born out of the desire to offer tools and information that were, until now, only available at the highest levels of motorsport. We take pride in supplying customers all across the world, from the highest levels of motorsport, all the way to club racers who are looking to make a step up.

Our service starts from guiding our customers through product selection, install and then connecting them with race engineers all across the world who can help with interpreting the data.


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Our customers


The LMP2 championship is still an open manufacturer series despite the fact that everyone is running Oreca 07.Now every team is running the same car with the same Goodyear tires. If you want to win races, you need to explore every detail like in the monotype series. That’s where Alsense helped a lot, we quickly and efficiently
Jean-Philippe Sarrazin, Race Engineer of GDrive #25 – Pro/Am ELMS champion, ALS Tire Pro


Porsche introduced the new Porsche 911 (992) cup car last year. Teams participating in Carrera cups over the world received the car beginning March 2021. The new 992 cup car was completely different that its predecessor, even a new tire was introduced for the 992. Gathering information during tests to have the optimal preparation for
Ronald Hessels, Race Engineer for GPELITE, Porsche Supercup Champions, ALS Tire Wired, ALS Tire Pro


Last season we monitored tire surface temperatures by Alsense Tire Wired IR multipoint sensors. Quite quickly we realize that monitoring tire temperatures only on pitlane with IR-pistol or pyrometer is sort of late because tire temperatures heat up quite rapidly when loaded but similarly temperatures cool down quickly on straights. Tire temperature data analysis provided
Mokko Racing BMW Xtreme Cup, ALS Tire Wired